Each boulder is handcrafted from our special concrete formula. Constructed from specially mixed 65 mpa or 9500 psi concrete for increased strength and elasticity as well as pumice for reducing weight. The concrete is additionally reinforced by rebar and two integral layers of steel mesh. A lifting eye is located at the center balance point of each piece for moving and shipping.
The lifting eye, disguised as a natural feature, which is located at the center balance point of each piece for moving and shipping.
When viewed from the side, the structure has a “V” type profile. This gentle overhang ensures that when a climber falls they will always fall away from the structure to an unobstructed landing on the absorbent fall surface

Climbing Surface:
Our structures are designed to have a realistic but friendly finish. After sculpting and curing, our pieces are hand finished with an abrasive stone to duplicate natural glacial polishing and weathering. As the concrete continues to cure and adjust to climate hairline cracks my occur. Hairline cracking is natural and structurally does not in any way affect the integrity and structural strength of the piece.

The Cerro Torre features approximately 300 different sculpted holds. The variety of holds include jugs, crimps, pinches, under-clings, slopers, slide-pulls, ledges, and flakes of various sizes and degrees of difficulty that provide challenges and fun for ages ranging from 3 to adult. Our holds are all self-draining to eliminate water collection and freeze/ thaw cracking.

Our Climbing Sculptures are hand painted to match the look of West Coast Squamish granite and clear coated for protection from the elements. The clear coat sealant also allows graffiti to be removed, but our experience has been little or no tagging actually takes place.
Custom sculpting and painting can be provided to match our product to the look of your local limestone, sandstone or basalt.


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All Rockcraft boulders are backed by our industry leading, 15 year warranty. Click here to view warranty.

IPEMA Certification:
Rockcraft Designs is proud to announce that all of our climbing boulders have been certified by the International Playground Equipment Manufavcturers Association (IPEMA)

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