Bouldering is one of the Nation's, if not the World’s fastest growing adventure sport.

Bouldering is typically limited to short climbs practiced horizontally on large boulders. It is done at low heights, without a rope with one's feet usually within 2'-4' above the ground. This style of climbing emphasizes power, strength and agility, focusing on individual moves or short sequences of moves. Boulder routes are commonly referred to as problems because the nature of the climb is often short, curious, and much like problem solving.

Since the dawn of man there has been rock climbing. Watercolors have been found depicting men climbing rocks as far back as 400 B.C. Over the centuries the development of climbing as a recreational pastime has grown. By the 1800's the "modern era" of mountaineering was in full swing.

As the sport grew in popularity so did the business opportunity. Tools began to be developed to help the climber ascend more difficult climbs. A climbers grading system was created in order to compare climbs more accurately.

Naturalists like John Muir made first ascents of Cathedral Peak in Yosemite, at the same time the sport of rock climbing began to explode in the Lake District and Wales in Great Britain.

By the end of the 1920's European techniques and tools began making their way across the ocean. Belays (the practice of controlling the rope fed out to a climber) and hanging bivouacs (a tent) made Big Wall Climbing the new direction.

Today, this highly specialized sport has got its grip on the world. As Rock Climbing skills have grown an "extreme" culture has become established. Today you can find instructors and guides in many fantastic places ready to teach the next generation of climbers.

At RockCraft, Bouldering is our specialty! Our manufacturing and design team focuses on being the best at creating the most natural looking and challenging artificial boulders on the market. With years of climbing experience our team hand sculpts each individual boulder to create the most realistic experience. We have a variety of IPEMA certified models to choose from, ranging in size and shape, catering to ages 2-5, 5-12, and adults.

Consider the benefits of bouldering; could your neighborhood, school, or community park benefit?

No other activity combines the components of strength, flexibility, balance, control, risk, cooperative play, and trust, better than bouldering. A workout for your entire body from your finger tips to your toes. Bouldering will get you in truly great shape and tremendously develop core musculature strength while using natural body movements.

Why wait, GO BOULDER!

Click here for a map of our boulder locations across the U.S and Canada. 

Written by David Burns

David is an avid climber and outdoor enthusiast. He is the lead designer and operations manager for RockCraft.