The Los Alamos Park is a green belt that spans across many blocks; the Boulder playground is located at the east end of the park, which is located at: 568 N Creston, Mesa, AZ 85213

This park is surrounded by the Eastern Canal, and the Groves neighborhood. Los Alamos Park is a long stretch of grass that has power lines running overhead….. but at the east end you will find a surprise!

A new boulder climbing park! There you will discover 6 RockCraft boulders in a variety of styles, sizes and shapes. Each one is unique because of the diversity and number of hand sculpted holds. Whether you have never climbed before, or you are very experienced, this park has something for you!

“We have been very pleased with the variety of play and age groups on the RockCraft boulders at Los Alamos Park. The playground has gone from rarely being used to having a diverse group of kids and adults practicing their bouldering skills."