“Installation is a breeze, construct a concrete or gravel pad and simply place the RockCraft boulder on with a large skid-steer or loader. Installation is effortless, and only takes minutes"

"On Sunday June 29th, I visited DeLair Park playground with my 2 grandkids aged 8 and 6. They immediately headed to the large play structure in the form of a rock. After making their first climb to the top they felt like they were “King of the Castle”. For the next hour they played on other equipment but always returned to climb the Rock. They very much enjoyed their experience and have already asked to return."

“We have two large rock pieces purchased from RockCraft located in Centennial Park in Newberg, Oregon. Installation of the rocks was straight forward and simple. We have had zero maintenance issues. The park is busy with kids of all ages challenging themselves with all the climbing options."

“The boulders are great!! The staff at RockCraft are knowledgeable and have always been great to work with.”

“We have been very pleased with the variety of play and age groups on the RockCraft boulders at Los Alamos Park. The playground has gone from rarely being used to having a diverse group of kids and adults practicing their bouldering skills."

“I live in Elk Grove, California and have the good fortune to have three of your boulders in a park near my home; the Cerro Torre, Lizard and Turtle. The thoughtful design, variety of holds and overall quality of your boulders make them great fun to climb, as well as aesthetically pleasing. I often train with my three children, and also enjoy coaching many of the other kids at the park. It’s great to see their determination and sense of accomplishment, when working out sequences to a problem.”

"Your climbing boulders are extremely realistic. Your product is great.”

"The rock has been getting great approvals.”

“You won't believe this but after the local paper placed a front page picture of our boulder in it, we are getting a lot of activity. Two busloads of children pulled up yesterday just to see the boulder and play. Our temperatures are so mild right now it was possible, and my grandsons had a ball on it Saturday. We are very excited and pleased with this newest addition to the park.”

“The rock is quite fine. It is regarded by all who visit the school as quite an attraction and most unusual. I always tell visitors that you have to go north of Calgary about 500 miles before you can find a similar play structure. When I tell them that the rock is from Canada, they always ask how did I get it down here. "Not easily" I always say. "I carried it myself part of the way" or "I put it in the back of my Jeep", that sort of thing. So the rock is still fun and I am always pleased to point out that I am so clever for having secured one of only a few of these rocks in the world today!"

“I got your message about the installation process of the park mentioned above, and the installation went great and the boulders are looking good. The contractor who installed them didn't have any problems. Thanks for all the information you sent along to us, and I look forward to working with this product again.”