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The Approach is specially designed for children aged 2-5 and is wheelchair accessible for all. The boulder's height ranges from 2.5' to 4.0', features easily accessible routes and different levels providing for a fun, safe and accessible play experience.


The Approach is handcrafted from specially mixed, 9500 psi, fiberglass reinforced concrete (GFRC). Pumice is added to the mix for weight reduction. The concrete is additionally reinforced by rebar and two integral layers of steel mesh. A lifting eye is located at the center balance point for moving and shipping.

Hairline cracking is natural and structurally does not in any way affect the structural strength of the piece. The boulder is designed to have a realistic but friendly finish. After sculpting and curing the Ascender is hand finished with an abrasive stone to duplicate natural glacial polishing andweathering.


The Approach holds are all self-draining to eliminate water collection and freeze/thaw cracking.


The Approach is hand painted and clear coated for protection from the elements. It is available in sandstone, granite and quartzite colors. The clear coat sealant allows graffiti to be removed easily. However, RockCraft’s experience has been that little or no tagging actually takes place. Custom sculpting and painting may be provided to match the Ascender to the look of your local Stone.



All Rockcraft boulders are backed by our industry leading, 15 year warranty. Click here to view warranty.

IPEMA Certification:

Rockcraft Designs is proud to announce that all of our climbing boulders have been certified by the International Playground Equipment Manufacturers Association (IPEMA)Please click on the links below for more information:

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